Call Me Sexist

but Sarah Palin’s screechy voice makes me cringe.*

I’m so addicted. I really really want to turn off the TV and turn away from all things Sarah, and yet I can’t.

Speaking of things that piss me off, CNN just ran a ridiculous hit piece on Biden. Absolutely absurd. It suggested people don’t know much about Biden (nevermind he’s been a Senator for more than 30 years), and it used the always reliable “some even suggest…” set-up to wonder aloud if Obama should dump Biden from the ticket.

Knowing how the sausage is made, I’m guessing the idea for the report was ripped from a write elsewhere and regurgitated for TV.

Maybe here or here or here.

It’s amazing the crap CNN picks up from the Internet when there’s real news online worth reporting.

*Commenting on the tone of a woman’s voice is totally sexist. If you think it’s not sexist, you’re extra sexist for denying the sexism.

One thought on “Call Me Sexist”

  1. Yeah, Jacki,that voice… eeeek! For two people who are famous for complaining about "whiners", she & her runningmate sure have some whiny-sounding voices.

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