Cliffs Ezra’s Notes

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll link to someone besides Ezra today, I promise. But when you’re good, you’re good. Simplifying the talking points:

For McCain:

• McCain’s health care plan will increase taxes on employer-based insurance, and kick 20 million people off the rolls.

• McCain’s plan will throw you into the individual market, where the same plan your employer offered will cost $2,000 more, and you can be refused care because you were sick 10 years ago.

• McCain’s plan will shift costs onto the sick.

For Obama:

• Obama’s plan will cover tens of millions of Americans and reform the insurance industry such that everyone gets a fair deal and no one can be discriminated against because they were once sick or unlucky.

• It will create a group market that businesses can buy their employees into so that a small business that paints homes doesn’t have to run a tiny insurance company on the side and an entrepreneur can pursue his idea without having to learn about health coverage regulations.

• It will cover all children. And Christ almighty, isn’t it time we did at least that?

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