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Congressman John Conyers has signed on to HCAN’s Statement of Common Purpose. This is a little “inside baseball” for most, but it’s an important step in getting the single-payer advocates to appreciate we’re all on the same side. Here is Conyers’ statement:

“I am proud to join HCAN’s broad progressive campaign to raise awareness about the need for true universal health care reform. The HCAN coalition and I are united by our belief that the current non-system of health care run by profit hungry insurance companies is unsustainable and inhumane,” said Representative Conyers. “It will take a monumental effort to defeat the entrenched special interests that benefit from the status quo. I remain firmly committed to the passage of my single-payer universal health care bill, H.R. 676, and believe that private insurance will never provide the kind of guaranteed affordable health care America needs. However, I agree with HCAN that a true policy debate in the Congress can only begin when there is broad consensus that the sham reform trumpeted by the industry is off the table.”

We’re happy to have him.

Meanwhile, conversation’s underway here. Kind of unrelated, but my favorite comments so far are the following McCain slogan suggestions:

Change You Can “Make Believe” In


“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Change”

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