OMG, So Totally Sexist*

Lynn Spears on the Today Show:

“A mother is only as happy as her most unhappy child. It’s a balancing act. Any mother with more than one child knows that.”

When Britney’s mom sounds more rational and realistic than our Republican VP candidate seems… ooooo, trouble.

Just a reminder, here’s Palin to Gibson on her balancing act:

PALIN: Sure. And I understand what that struggle is, what those internal questions are. I’ve gone through the same thing over these 19 years from having my first born to today having a newborn.

In these 19 years, a lot of circumstances have changed. I stayed home with my son until he was seven years old, had just worked part-time, until I got into full-time employment again when he was seven. I had that choice then and I’ve had choices, of course, along the way.

A lot of I in here. Not a heck of a lot of them.

*I know. I totally went there. That makes me even more sexist today than I was yesterday.

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