Desperately Seeking Substance

I know. I know. I had a really busy day today and totally neglected to contribute anything significant. Apologies.

What’d I miss? Anything good?

In health care reform news, the Senate Finance Committee’s holding a hearing tomorrow called “Covering the Uninsured,” but take a look at the witness list:

John Bertko, FSA, MAAA, Adjunct Staff, The RAND Corporation, Former Chief Actuary, Humana Inc, Flagstaff, AZ

Andrew Dreyfuss, Executive Vice President, Health Care Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Boston, MA

Pam MacEwan, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Governance, Group Health Cooperative, Seattle, WA

Kim Holland, Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner, Oklahoma City, OK

We really going to let the insurance industry tell us how to fix health care? Really? What a waste of time. We’ll have something to say about that in the morning. (I know because I wrote it). Also, our friends at AHIP are planning to stop off in Rhode Island on Friday and pretend to care about the needs of the people. Look for a little HCAN love to head thatta way as well.

More tomorrow. I promise.

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