Let’s Make a Deal

Joe’s morning post asks the media to wake up and pay attention to the details. He notes McCain didn’t actually suspend his campaign yesterday. He just announced he was going to suspend his campaign today… after addressing the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

I’ve got another suggestion for reporters. STOP FOLLOWING PALIN AROUND. Don’t just posture and throw mini-tantrums when her handlers refuse access. Stop going to these bogus events altogether. If the McCain campaign notices she’s not getting coverage, they may be forced to reconsider their strategy. Right now, they own you. You show up. They shuttle Palin around, pose her for pretty pictures, and then shuttle you right out the door. Stop worrying about getting scooped. No one’s expecting her to finally take spontaneous questions from the press. You won’t miss anything.

Plus, all the good screw-ups are turning up in the pre-approved interviews anyway. Just hold out for those.

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