Note Bad

Piling on to Chez’ observation, who brings notes to an interview with Katie Couric? Who brings notes to an interview, period? You’re interviewed on television because you’re considered knowledgeable about the topic in question. You don’t get asked to be on TV to read from a cheat sheet.

Someone please point out this woman wants to lead our country. Please! She wants to be in charge of the most powerful nation in the world, and she can’t handle a sit down interview without notes? (Remember, something happens to John McCain, and you don’t get to take it back. She gets the job by default.)

There are no words. (Well, there may be words. Let me check my notes…)

3 thoughts on “Note Bad”

  1. Actually under the 25th Amendment, the Cabinet can also declare Sarah Palin incapable of performing her duties as president should anything happen to McCain, and then our country could just fall into a constitutional crisis. And yet, despite her clear incompetence; despite her overt religious zealousness; despite her lies; and despite the fact that McCain is 72 with a 60% chance of metastases in the next 2 years, I know numerous people who are proud to vote for them.

  2. So am I the only unlucky person to be surrounded by a bunch of right-wing conservatives? No wonder I’m losing my mind. I have to seriously reevaluate my “friends.” Good thought on declaring them incompetent. I’ll start a grass-roots campaign “Intelligence for America Now!”

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