Truth Be Told

Via Josh, CNN’s Cafferty on Palin on CBS:

Want to know the worst part of this clip for me? The fact that Wolf tried to make excuses for Palin. When did the media get afraid of telling the truth? This isn’t subjective. The woman is grossly – GROSSLY – unqualified. At some point, it’s not cute to pretend you don’t know this. It doesn’t help to attempt to appear objective. Not when the future of our nation is at stake. Facts are facts. When a woman reads off note cards to answer a question about our nation’s horrific economic situation and can’t even manage to do that coherently, the press has an obligation to acknowledge it. People still pretending Palin “is just flustered” or “is being tortured by reporters” are dumber than she is.

I’m sorry. No more excuses. No more. Stop pretending it’s all equal and balanced here. All you do is give cover to the ignorant who think she’s just swell. Well, if Wolf says she’s ok, she must be ok.

I know Wolf. He’s a smart guy. Mind like a steel trap. He knows better. Jack’s right. He and the rest of ’em should start acting like it.

4 thoughts on “Truth Be Told”

  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    I am an Australian who is keenly watching this presidential campaign, in the knowledge that it may be the most critical one in the country’s (and the world’s) history. The ticket that wins this election will be facing heretofore unprecedented challenges in the form of climate change, the Wall Street collapse, the Iraq quagmire and global terrorism.

    I have been appalled over time at the American media’s failure (with a few exceptions, such as Stewart, Colbert and HuffPo) to challenge the Bush administration over numerous scandals, from waterboarding to the politically-motivated dismissal of federal attorneys and the shame of the Walter Reed Hospital, not to mention the government’s overtly deceptive “sale” of the Iraq war.

    However, I am gobsmacked that the media would be so sycophantic and toadying as to fail to tell the public to whom it owes its ultimate obligation that the empress has no clothes. Palin is so incredibly unqualified to be “a 72-year-old’s heartbeat away from the Presidency” that McCain’s unconscionable cynicism and belief in the inherent stupidity of the American public is only matched by the media’s complicity in any future damage a McCain-Palin presidency would perpetrate on the country and the world. Palin is not merely untested and lacking in international policy experience, she is a certifiable moron. America survived the cretinism of Quayle, but only because he was given little more to do that mislead children about the spelling of tubers. This woman has already foreshadowed war with Russia.

    The American media need to borrow a backbone (we can Fed-Ex one over) and start challenging the incompetence of this person before it is too late in every sense of the word.

  2. The world trembles when we imagine such a pathetic display of cheap politics
    This gender card, I mean VP candidate is the personification of how have thing taken a turn for the worst in the once great U.S.

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