Digs in Space

I’d stop linking to Ezra if he’d stop being so good on health care.

But he won’t so I can’t. Here he is on Space McCain and the Great Government Health Care Odyssey:

McCain’s problem is not simply that he’s been on government health insurance his whole life. It’s that, by all accounts and appearance, he’s been quite satisfied with his coverage. His complaints are all of a general nature. “I’ve always been a free enterprise person” or “my opponent wants to create a health care bureaucracy.” Never “I’ve been on Medicare for years now, and it’s a house of horrors.” Meanwhile, his rhetoric on the private system demonstrates how poor his understanding of the issue really is. He “thinks that families make the best decisions for themselves and their future,” so he wants to put them into a system where they can choose the right coverage plan for their family, and insurers can simply refuse to sell it to them? It’s not exactly a logical progression.

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