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Ok. I wasn’t going to liveblog this trainwreck, but since Palin’s starting to crash and burn, I can’t help myself.

First off, Biden calling McCain’s health care plan “the ultimate bridge to nowhere” was an excellent present. Thank you, Joe. I knew you cared.

Sarah looks scared and robotic and way in over her head. I am sure the pundits will spin this as a massive Palin victory, but any breathing, living human with half a brain would tell you she had no idea what she was spewing.

They just asked about rights for same sex couples and John remarked, “How is she going to vague her way around this?” Wait, does Palin know she’s supposed to be a conservative? That was just weird.

Ok, Robot Palin is back now. She’s reciting something. I have no idea what she’s talking about. And she’s so nervous. Wow. That was quite the speech.

Btw, I’m checking in over at AMERICAblog too, and I think the readers are right. Ifill’s not doing a good job. She’s not following through. There’s no depth.

By the way, Sarah Palin just said we should believe bin Laden. About what? Doesn’t matter. And the Castro brothers? Really?

“We both love Israel” – the woman who has never met a Jewish person.

Can we at least agree that Sarah Palin is a snarky, nasty woman who has no problem regurgitating insults someone else wrote for her without understanding what she’s saying or what they actually mean? G-d she makes my stomach turn.

What war did John McCain win? Does Palin know McCain was captured in Vietnam? Does she know we didn’t win?

This “Obama’s going to raise taxes” lie is so stale it reeks. Biden’s a saint for staying composed. I’d hit her.

Biden choking up when talking about his kids… yeah… you know… How can you not heart a sensitive man?

Oh, Sarah’s off script now. She’s starting to meander. This could get good.

Palin just said she likes to chat without the filter of the mainstream media. John said Biden should offer to debate her again.

He should. I think he killed it. And how much juice do you think Robot Palin’s got left anyway? Screw the debate. Toss her into a press conference. Do it. I dare you.

All in all, not as gratifying as it could have been. More than anything, I was annoyed. She annoys me. She said nothing. She offered nothing. What are the chances – if we ask nicely – she’ll just go away?

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