Condoning Hate

I didn’t watch the last debate on CNN, but I’ve heard from several sources now that when Obama started talking about health care and preexisting conditions, the reaction line indicating female support shot off the chart. I probably should have gone straight to for the video, but instead, I did a quick search on YouTube to see if someone had bothered to grab it. A search for Obama and women and a couple of other key words turned up a really disturbing racist video. It’s only had a few hundred views so far, but I’m assuming it’s not the only one of its kind online at the moment.

And I’m afraid.

I fear something horrible is going to happen now that Palin and McCain have stirred up trouble. I fear the anger and venom they spew and encourage at their rallies will boil up and bubble over and spill out into the streets. I fear that they are instigating a violent culture war in this country unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time.

And more than anything, I fear that once they have completely unleashed the beast, there will be no turning back.

One thought on “Condoning Hate”

  1. I’m afraid, too. It was back during the primaries that my husband mentioned the possibility of Something Horrible. Each day we’re learning that there are more and more whackos out there. It is wise to be afraid.

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