Sugar Coating


I’m a horrible skeptic, I know, but little of this rings true.

Levi Johnston spoke to the AP and said he and Britsol have been dating since freshman year and always planned to get married.

Sweet but doubtful:

Doe-eyed Bristol Palin, 17, and ruggedly handsome Levi Johnston, an 18-year-old self-described “f—in’ redneck,” have been dating a year, locals in Wasilla, Alaska, told the Daily News.

I want someone to go up to Wasilla and dig up a couple of girls who’ve messed with Levi. You know, just because. You know they’re out there.

And just in case you forgot who we’re talking about, this is Levi before the DC machine got to him:

The rugged, small town, bad boy hockey star has been with one girl since freshman year? Really?

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