Last But Not Least

Prebate warm-up:

This is my favorite story today. This is my favorite Palin clip today.

And here are the questions I want asked about health care tonight:

  • How does a $5000 tax credit help when the average family health care plan now costs more than $12,500/year, and how are working families expected to pay the difference?
  • Why let insurers sell across state lines if it wipes out state consumer protections in the process?
  • Where will people with pre-existing conditions get quality, affordable coverage if they’re pushed out of employer-based health insurance into the individual market?

Here we go:

9:00PM – Random nugget. My college boyfriend dated Bob Schieffer’s daughter before we met.

9:07PM – McCain: Obama talks about the very very rich.

Huh?. McCain thinks Obama talks about the rich? McCain’s clearly confused. And flustered. It’s obvious.

9:10PM – This format is atrocious for McCain. He looks awkward.

9:13PM – Obama: Net spending cut…don’t say health care. don’t say health care. don’t say health care… If we make investments now, that will save on Medicare and Medicaid in future. Jackpot!

9:16PM – McCain: What would I cut? Across the board spending freeze. I’d cut the marketing assistance program. Ethanol subsidies. (Buh-bye Iowa). What’s the marketing assistance program? Anyone? I can’t find it online.

9:21PM – McCain sounds defensive and looks angry.

9:25PM – Senator Palin? Did McCain just say Senator Palin? Whoa.

9:29PM – McCain: Obama is spending unprecedented amounts of money on negative ads. Actually, no. He’s spending unprecedented amounts of money. Some of the ads are negative.

9:33PM – McCain is delusional. He thinks he has stood up and spoken out against the nasty anti-Obama rhetoric.

9:35PM – ACORN – greatest fraud in history? What? Wow.

9:38PM – McCain is clearly disconnected from his own campaign. He thinks he’s talking about issues.

9:39PM – Obama gets to brag about Biden. Let’s see what McCain’s got up his sleeve about the moron.

9:41PM – McCain: Palin is a role model to women and reformers. I just turned to CNN and watched the women line flatten.

9:52PM – McCain’s sighing and eye-rolling and smirking cannot be going over well.

9:55PM – Health Care! Obama: We have to control costs and expand coverage. This is the issue that will break your heart over and over again. If you have insurance, you don’t have to do anything. Keep it. We’re going to try to lower cost. If you don’t have health insurance, you can buy into a pool like we have at lower cost. We will make sure insurance companies won’t exclude based on pre-existing conditions. This will cost on the front end, but over the long term, it will save.

McCain: Flat out lying about Obama advocating single-payer.

Obama: McCain will be taxing health benefits. If you get $5000 and the plan costs $12,000…that’s a loss for you. Finally! I’m glad he said it.

McCain: “Hi. I’m not listening to my opponent. Welcome to my alternate reality.” Average cost of a plan is $5800. $5800? According to whom? I have NEVER seen that before ever anywhere, and I do this for a living.

Ok. I’m done. I’ve heard enough. I’m just going to wind down and mellow out. Obama won. Again. I’m off to compile research about health care plan costs. Expect some juicy deets in the next couple of days.


Ok, I lied. One more. Trig Palin has Down syndrome. McCain seems to think Trig has autism.

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