Win, Lose, or Drew

Drew Griffin – of lousy ACORN reporting fame – just sat down with Sarah Palin, and the whole interview is supposedly coming up on the SitRoom next hour. Griffin teased his own segment saying he talked to Palin about Troopergate, fiscal conservatism, etc. and thinks he got some new insight into the Governor even though she was just fresh off a stump speech.

I’m doubtful but curious, and curious wins so now I have to watch the SitRoom.


UPDATE: Here we go. Palin says her job as VP is going to be “reformer” and “energy independence.” And helping kids with special needs. Prioritizing federal dollars to give children opportunity. Whatever. We know that’s not true.

Could that have been less enlightening? If that was the interview’s best soundbite, this is going to be a long hour.

Part 2 of interview: They’re spacing these puppies out. Griffin asks about Palin’s big crowds and if this means she’s coming back in 2012. No joke. That’s his question. Palin turns around and gives a very meandering answer that attacks Biden’s comments on Obama being tested on the international stage. This sit-down is getting us nowhere and offering us nothing.

As we wait for the next segment, I’ll add a little color. Either this interview was downright terrible or another program’s called dibs, and the SitRoom doesn’t have the ok to show the whole thing. CNN shows are competitive, and if Drew’s salary comes out of another program’s budget, then his interview is essentially property of that hour, and we won’t get the whole sit-down in one chunk until then.

And no, I won’t be tuning in to catch it. I’m not at all intrigued anymore.

UPDATE 2: Yes, there is more. No, I didn’t hear it. I had work to do. Apologies for starting something I couldn’t finish. Who knew they’d drag it all out over three straight hours?

Image info: I saw this first a while back, but a friend just emailed it to me so now’s as good a time as any to put it up.

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