Health Care Quick Hit


If anyone you know – especially a woman you know – still thinks McCain’s “$5000 credit/buying across state lines” health care plan is a good deal, send them the following from the NWLC:

Most people in the U.S. get coverage through their own or a family member’s employer, and may be blissfully unaware of how challenging it can be to try and buy coverage directly from insurance companies. But even they could be one job change, divorce, or other major life event away from shopping in the individual health insurance market. Moreover, some health reform plans could lead to an expanded role for the individual market, making it more likely that any of us—major life change or not—could need the coverage offered there. This is why we all must become more aware of the last-resort, ‘Wild, Wild West’ of health insurance, and of the pricey and precarious products that are sold there. It’s no place that you’d ever want to find yourself, and its existence is one more major reason that we need comprehensive health reform that will provide high-quality and affordable health coverage for all.

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