Know You Don’t

Seems Palin should have spent a lot less time shopping and a lot more time studying

Turns out Sarah didn’t know much about history, geography, or anything else for that matter. And Andrew brings up a fantastic point. The press had a civic duty to report the facts as they saw them, and they failed to a dangerous degree:

They kept taking Palin seriously as a veep candidate when she didn’t come close to even minimal standards for passing a citizenship test. I’m sorry but I think this is a terrible failing, and it is a reason the mainstream media are imploding. They let the rules of the game over-rule their duty to tell the American people the truth as they began to discover it. The truth is that Sarah Palin had no business whatever being on a national ticket. It was an insanely reckless choice.

Listening to a call-in show driving back to DC yesterday, I heard a McCain supporter complain the media paid too much attention to Palin’s wardrobe and not enough attention to Obama’s associations. He declared this campaign the end of the traditional msm.

I agree mainstream coverage was generally abysmal. I always got better news online. But I disagree – obviously – with the caller’s assessment of the media’s focus. They should have continued to put pressure on Palin, not for the RNC’s expenditures on clothing but for her own incompetence and ignorance.

It would have been an easy beat. A plum assignment. The rest of us saw it clearly. No one would have had to work too hard or dig too deep. Sarah was just as shallow as we suspected.

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