Palin lost and has no significant experience worth tapping into.

She’s a dipsh*t. I wish people would stop giving her a platform.

Wolf’s asking her about current issues. Who cares? She has no knowledge. No expertise. She just babbles incoherently. What can she teach us? Nothing. It’s like grilling a third grader* on twelfth grade social studies. She knows nothing.

Wolf: “Again, should we bail out the auto industry?”

Palin: “It’s in debate right now. And I am listening to the debate.”

*apologies to third graders – most of whom are probably smarter than Palin.

Oh, one more thing: Wolf just teased the next portion of the Palin interview and said she has some advice for the Obamas raising children in the White House. Ok, 1. She’s never done it. and 2. I’m positive the Obamas don’t need parenting advice from Mrs. “My 17-yr-old unwed daughter is pregnant, and I’m thrusting her into the spotlight anyway to satisfy my own narcissism and self-indulgent political ambition, goshdarnit.”

I’m pretty sure Barack and Michelle have got it under control.

4 thoughts on “Also”

  1. She dragged her and 14- and 7-year old daughters on the campaign trial for 2 months during schooltime. Did they even have tutoring? Her 2 oldest children are academic no-stars, with one of them pregnant at 17 and engaged to an 18-year-old dropout, and the other a rumored ex-juvenile delinquent. What kind of advice should SHE be giving?

  2. I think the interview tour is Palin working out that she’s not going to be the Queen VP.

    Somewhere in her lizard brain she knows she’s not good enough but instead of accepting it, she’s blathering to any journalist who will listen instead of saving it up for a therapist.

    I’m praying the more she talks she makes her fans FINALLY realize just how delusional they were to believe she was worthy of the VP slot.


    Wolf, Greta and Matt make me wish that Palin would agree to be interviewed by BBC News.

    That would be fun.

  3. Part of what makes me so mad is that the nitwit refused to talk to these people when it really mattered, and now they are tripping all over themselves to get face time with the queen of saying nothing.

    I’d love to see that BBC moment too… That’d be worth watching.

  4. I think the big problem here, is that she’s completely incoherent, and yet a lot of people still think she’s the greatest thing ever. WTF.

    I hate the ultra-religious-tards

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