Department of…

Chris put together a list of the names on the short list for various cabinet positions in the Obama administration. I emailed him to say he missed one.

Here is the corrected version:

STATE: Sen. John Kerry, Richard Holbrooke, Sen. Chuck Hagel, Sam Nunn, Colin Powell

Steve Heminger

TREASURY: Tim Gethner, Larry Summers, Laura D’Andrea Tyson, Jon Corzine, Robert Rubin

VETERANS AFFAIRS: Max Cleland, Tammy Duckworth, Donna Shalala

AWESOMENESS: Jacki Schechner

EPA: Robert Kennedy Jr., Kathleen McGinty

Lael Brainard, Cal Dooley, Thomas (Mac) McLarty, Daniel Tarullo, Michael Wessel

OMB: Daschle

I was neither talented nor motivated enough to amend the flowchart.

2 thoughts on “Department of…”

  1. Is the Sect. of Awesomeness a Senate confirmable position? Obviously, I’m not disputing the choice of candidate … just curious.

  2. Overall awesomeness actually trumps Congressional approval/disapproval so any Senate confirmation process would be simply a formality.

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