In Health Care News Today

We got stuff happening. Politico:

Health care groups that embraced pro-reform candidates have wasted no time transforming their massive campaign resources into lobbying drives for comprehensive health care reform.

Health Care for America Now, which by the end of the year will have spent $14.5 million since its launch in July, plans to spend $25 million next year to continue a relentless pro-reform advertising drumbeat. The money will also fund more organizers; the progressive coalition currently has 79 people on the ground in 41 states.

Baucus is doing his thing too. NYT:

Without waiting for President-elect Barack Obama, Senator Max Baucus, the chairman of the Finance Committee, will unveil a detailed blueprint on Wednesday to guarantee health insurance for all Americans by facilitating sales of private insurance, expanding Medicaid and Medicare, and requiring most employers to provide or pay for health benefits.

I’ll drill down into more detail once I see the full release, but on first glance, the plan’s not bad.

In other news, my boss picked up on this yesterday and asked what I thought:

Keen observers have noticed that the issues pages of the official Obama-Biden transition Web site,, recently went missing and were replaced by a general statement of priorities.

I suggested maybe they were just revamping the site, but from the write it appears others are more skeptical. Only time will tell. If they were smart, the Obama team would put the issues back up in full. They’ve been archived already. They’re out there.

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