Go Retreat No Surrender

So in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been totally MIA but with good reason.

I’ve been shuttled to an undisclosed location for a corporate retreat. It’s my first ever, and I’ve been informed I failed to pack appropriately. However, considering as of yesterday I didn’t even know I was expected to stay the night, the fact I actually packed a bag at all should be considered progress.

Anyway, the day has been productive and exhausting (which is how I have come to the conclusion it’s been productive).

And I can report with confidence we have excellent people committed to winning health care reform in 2009.

5 thoughts on “Go Retreat No Surrender”

  1. A CNNfan Christmas Wish


    CNNfans love CNN Internet Reporter Jacki
    But Jacki Schechner’s gone from CNN TV
    Sadly as far as we, CNNfans can see.

    We don’t know just who to blame for this Catastrophe !

    But our one CNNfan wish on Christmas Eve is to watch Jacki, under the lights of our Christmas Tree, right on CNN TV.

  2. Scrooge you, Chez ! http://www.deusexmalcontent.com

    Ha, ha ! You can’t censor CNNfan comments here! Santa CNN ought to put lumps of coal for your stocking stuffer.

    President Obama is going to make US history for being the most internet savvy President ever. So, I want to let CNN know now that Christmas is better late than never for CNN to adapt to this “Change” coming in January. And there is no question that Jacki Schechner is a proven, excellent CNN Internet Reporter.

    Compare the two letters sent by President Obama and one letter sent by Sen. John McCain to CNNfan.com by email. President Obama is on a first name basis with his readers, and effectively uses videos to support his points. Sen. John McCain writes emails in traditional business letter form, and there is nothing wrong with that. Both writing styles are fine. And for the record, I totally respect Sen. McCain. However, to be honest only President Obama uses the internet to its full potential.

    CNN needs more than just one excellent CNN Internet Reporter Abbi Tatton. CNN needs at least two or more seasoned Internet Reporters to cover this “Change”. And Jacki Schechner is a proven CNN Internet Reporter to watch on CNN TV. So that is my reasoning behind:

    A CNNfan * Christmas * Wish.

    Disclaimer: Any disrespectful comments about President-Elect Obama or Sen. John McCain are not associated with my comments in any way. Jacki, CNN PR can give you a reference for CNNfan. Please don’t take Chez serious.

    Thomas Joyce
    CNNfan for real CNN fans

  3. @Chez: Checkmate!

    Don’t listen your fellow DEMers when they suggest a brilliantly sarcastic hoax or an act of subversive satire.

    Oh! Almost forgot… Thanks for the scoop on your most excellent fellow ex-CNNer.

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