Not Cool

CNN just did a segment with David Alan Grier and used it to promote their new Saturday show with D.L. Hughley. Grier did not look amused.

It felt like, “Hey, you like this black comedian? We’ve got one too!”

I was offended so I know he must have been.

French Toast

Just in case you missed it, Sarah Palin fell for it. Hard:


Ok. First off, apologies for not updating last night with the usual poem of the week link and the friendly reminder to check out John’s Sunday column. I got sidetracked by Halloween. It happens.

But there is some interesting news to report from the evening’s sugar handout extravaganza.

Kids LOVE Obama. At least the kids in my ‘hood. My downstairs neighbor carved an Obama 08 o’lantern and tons of kids who came for candy told us how much they liked the pumpkin. It’s great to see the enthusiasm and optimism. It makes me truly hopeful.

The artist down the street carved the best Obamalantern of all:

The costumes weren’t as eclectic as I’d hoped. There were a lot of princesses, a Harry Potter, an incredibly cute furry chicken, an Indiana Jones, and a muscleman Michael Phelps. The funniest (for grown-ups) was a real estate listing. The girl was wearing poster board with a picture of a house on it and several prices crossed out and replaced with lower prices. I’m guessing this is the same kid that came as a tax return last year.