Blame The Other Guy

The health insurance and hospital lobbies have a new strategy they rolled out today:

It’s not our fault.

AHIP, AHA, and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association held a webcast press conference during which they released a report they commissioned which says “inadequate Medicare and Medicaid payments” are why we charge you more.

Rather than go through all the reasons why it’s ridiculous, here’s a link to the press release we sent out immediately following their little pity party.

One thought on “Blame The Other Guy”

  1. the American health insurance industry is nothing short of legalized extortion. If these companies actually, in good faith, provided the help they are supposed to it would be different, but in reality they just exist to absorb money and then fight tooth-and-nail against paying any back when they are supposed to. It’s appalling that they are allowed to continue existing in the state that they do now.

    And now they have the audacity to actually claim that the horrid state of our health care system isn’t their fault? It’s just… mind boggling. The sheer gall is unbelievable.

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