Two More Two Cents

First read Chez. Then read the following sent to me by another former CNNer:

The big problem with these two getting the boot is that JK, in all of his intellectual glory, always confused the two. He treated Eccleston like a living doll with no brain when she was actually an astute and intelligent journalist with a wealth of knowledge and a store of experiences that allowed her to take complex situations and provide context so that even us dumb Americans could get it. She was fearless and compassionate and she had a great sense of humor. Eccleston just happened to also be hot as hell. But only an idiot who had never really paid attention to who she really was (or who had never bothered watching a single liveshot she did from the mountains of Northern Afghanistan with the sound actually ON) would say that was her first, second, or even third quality. Her face may have opened doors, but 2 minutes spent with the woman proved she had every right to walk on through.

DeLaCruz, on the other hand, had a marginally-attractive face (someone described her as “toothy”) that opened doors, but as soon as she entered the room, proceeded to blink confusedly as if the shiny lights were too much for her. She was arrogant and demanding without having the goods to back that attitude up. Unlike Eccleston, who would travel to the Taliban-controlled ends of the earth to get her story, DeLaCruz would pull up some websites at 4am, skim the headlines, and head up to makeup. And JK acted like she might give Einstein a run for his money.

The fact that these 2 are in the same article is an outrage. Especially when you read that article a little closer and realize that Eccleston actually ended her relationship with CNN back in August.

2 thoughts on “Two More Two Cents”

  1. Veronica De La Cruz is a news hottie … Period End Dot Point.

    Veronica has accomplished so much for someone who is only in her twenties. We have not seen the last of Veronica.

    Why Jacki ? Why are you going on the offensive against Veronica like this ?

  2. Oh my God. CNNfan is for real? Not that I doubted Chez, but… wow. Hard to believe.

    Ignore him, Ms. Schechner. Keep up the good work.

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