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Another one of the good guys goes. Politico:

CNN’s Jamie McIntyre, who’s covered the Pentagon since 1992, is leaving the network

In a memo to staff, McIntyre said that “the time has come for me to leave the beat.”

“Although I was never bored, CNN and I both agreed it was time for a change,” he wrote. “We were unable to reach an agreement on another assignment, so after a friendly discussion, I decided to pursue other opportunities.

I’ve always been a big Jamie fan. Whatever it was he wanted to do, they should have let him have the spot.

UPDATE: Ok, so I should have checked Chez first, but it turns out there’s more. From the TVNewser write that puts all this downsizing into perspective:

Although McIntyre wrote “CNN and I both agreed it was time for a change,” he is the latest in a series of departures at CNN since CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein told the New York Observer, “We can afford more people on our air and off our air. So, goddamn it, we’re going to have more people,” on November 18.

Since then, Miles O’Brien has left the network and the entire science, space, environment and technology unit in Atlanta dismantled, correspondent Veronica De La Cruz will be leaving the network and head of on-air hiring Henry Mauldin exited as well, among others.

On the upside, there’s a small touch of personal vindication in here too (beyond the one I’ve already expressed). Let’s just say someone in that last blurb worked me to the bone, strung me along, and then tried to sell me out after the fact.

It sucks to be unemployed unexpectedly. Maybe now he’ll get that.

UPDATE 2: Oh no. Kathleen too? Wow.

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