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USA Today:

The government can do more than one big thing at a time, says Richard Kirsch, national campaign manager for Health Care for America Now, a coalition of unions and progressive groups. “There’s no reason that Congress can only do health care, only do climate change.”


Obama’s allies among interest groups don’t seem prepared to wait. In late November, Health Care for America Now ran national television spots featuring Obama during an October campaign speech in Virginia, saying he can’t fix the economy without fixing health care. “We agree,” flashed the message on the screen. “We’re ready.”


Some of the people holding health care meetings were volunteers in Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign. Some come from consumer groups like Health Care for America Now or from the Service Employees International Union, a strong, early supporter of Mr. Obama.


But Richard J. Kirsch, the national campaign manager of Health Care for America Now, the consumer group, said a new public program was essential.

“Public plans like Medicare do a better job of controlling costs,” Mr. Kirsch said. “Private insurers are always looking for ways to avoid paying claims or covering sick people. Their mission is not to provide health care, but to increase shareholders’ profits.”

Both writes are worth reading in full. They’re two completely different stories.

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