So much for the Christmas spirit. We attempted to brave the mall on Saturday, but it was just as horrific as we suspected it might be, and we ended up zipping off in search of less crowded pastures.

However, during our short time in retail hell, we did manage to witness some serious parking lot tension between drivers and a woman on the verge of meltdown because the parking ticket machine ate her ticket AND her credit card.

The Container Store – of all places – managed to lighten our mood when John got talked into a spontaneous bow-making lesson. He was a very good sport, and although his bow looked a little rough, he does get bonus points for making the crafty woman in charge feel like a rock star.

In fact, I think she liked him so much that she was a little disappointed to see me pop up.

Anyway, I still have more consumerism to exercise so the blog may lack a little for content in the coming hours. I’ll try to check back in again tonight.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Purchasing.

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