Think Progress’ Wonkroom has got a good resource out today debunking some of the conservative arguments against comprehensive health care reform under President-elect Obama.

They tackle 10 myths. Here’s a sample:

1. Health care reform will limit patient choice. In an editorial published in the Washington Post, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) argued that what health care reform really “means is limiting freedom – the freedom to choose a doctor, to take your health care with you when you switch jobs, to make personal medical decisions.” [Washington Times, 11/19/2008]

REALITY: Progressive reforms would provide more choice, not less. Under progressive proposals, Americans will have the choice to keep the employer plan they currently have or buy an affordable plan from the national insurance exchange. Individuals and small businesses will be able to “compare private coverage options and a public plan and to purchase the policy that would work best for them.” [Wonk Room, 11/12/2008]

If you feel so inclined, pass the post around. It’s worth getting the truth out there before the lies and talking points take hold and are harder to pry loose.

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