Re: Confirmation

My apologies for neglecting this little neck of the web for the past few days. It’s been a combo of getting readjusted to work, a dead home computer, and residual vacation jetlag/sleeplessness due in large part to a cat determined to punish me for leaving her for a week. She’s got the relentless 4am meow down to a science.

Anyway, right now I’m watching Sen. Daschle’s confirmation hearing online here. If you’ve got some time, tune it. Should be interesting to see what comes from Republicans in this one.

Also, it’s worth taking a moment to read Robert Pear’s write today in the NYT. The arguments against the public plan option are laughable. You’ve got to ask yourself why private insurers are afraid of a little competition. If they’re truly doing their best and are on the up-and-up, then it shouldn’t affect them one bit to have to compete with a public plan. And yet, they protest…

p.s. The Mac’s back up and running now so I should be able to upload vacation photos in the next 24/48. It needed a ridiculous amount of work including a new battery and a new casing in addition to a revamp of the System folder which apparently threw up and shut down when I tried to download a security update. Here’s hoping the fixes stick for a while.

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