Making Good

I realize I dropped the ball on the usual Friday links to the poem of the week and John’s Sunday column so I’m playing catch up now. If you enjoyed the Inaugural poem on Tuesday, you’ll want to check in on what John put together for tomorrow.

Have a good weekend.

One thought on “Making Good”

  1. Making Good

    Jacki, please know that your popularity has not waned one bit in the CNNfan community.
    Would you consider Making Good for CNNfans with an exclusive CNNfan interview ?

    The interview format features questions written by CNNfans similiar to the CNN/YouTube debate.

    Miles O’Brien is Making Good answering questions written by CNNfans in an ALL NEW exclusive interview at:


    Bobbie Battista is Making Good and just revealed in an ALL NEW exclusive CNNfan interview that she once went out with Steve Perry of Journey.

    Would you ask Chez about Making Good for CNNfans too? And perhaps mention, that all joking aside, I found a trend in his Alexa traffic graphs, (click on the graph max tab for the last year):

    Alexa Traffic Graph for Chez’ blog

    The last parody CNNfan interview Chez did “Sh-t hits the fan” on his blog around (October/November) spiked his traffic rankings to their highest levels since he was first let go by CNN in February.

    Chez’ blog has not seen such high ranking levels since, according to Alexa traffic graphs. Tell Chez, there is a large number of CNNfans who are potential customers for his book.

    PROOF: Quantcast which is what uses to measure its traffic, currently counts 1,100 CNNfans as of this post.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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