That’s a Wrap

What a week! I am looking forward to some much-needed veg and recoup time.

A handful of random nuggets:

Lesson 1: If you have direct debit for anything, double check your account one in a while. My gym charged me $12 for two tanning sessions on Monday. Besides being a native Floridian and having an inherent distaste for the concept of fake baking, there is a very good reason why I don’t tan anymore. I explained this to the gym rep who asked if I was positive I didn’t charge tanning to my account. There is very little in this world I could be more sure of.

Lesson 2: CHIP is good for kids, but real, comprehensive health care reform is going to be so much better. Read this joint OpEd from the President of the Children’s Defense Fund and my boss here at HCAN.

Lesson 3: There is no shortage of health care horror stories. A woman called this week and told me about when she had her gall bladder removed. The hospital billed her $35,000, including $80 for a disposable hospital gown. Here’s the kicker: It wasn’t $80 for her hospital gown. It was $80 for the gown the doctor wore during her surgery.

In other news and notes, Jason spent the last couple of days at the Families USA conference here in DC. His round-up is worth reading.

And before I duck out for the evening, the poem of the week‘s been updated, and you’ll be able to read John’s column here on Sunday. I can tell you he’s decided to go for the Super Bowl theme. That’s what you get with a poet who loves football. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Have a great weekend.

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