First off, there’s content in here that’s neither suitable for work nor for underage eyes/ears. Consider yourself forewarned.

Second, my friend Cal is in here a couple of times, and since he passed away last summer, not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought of him and all he accomplished and still had left to achieve in this world and the world of art and Internet exploration. It’s good to see his smiling face again but also a little sad.

Finally, an old friend sent me the link because we both worked at Pseudo and knew what this was really all about. It was years ahead of its time, and nothing I’ve seen come out of the current world of online innovation captures or even comes close to replicating the spirit of Pseudo. “We Live In Public” was a whole other animal, and I only know what I know from the gossip I heard through the NYC grapevine. But Josh was onto something. There’s no denying that. Take a look:

One last note. The director of this movie grew up three doors down from me in Miami and graduated a year ahead of me in high school. It’s a small small teeny little world.

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