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This is what’s to come in the attack on health care reform:

Drudge linked to a “commentary” posted on Bloomberg that intentionally lied about what was in the economic recovery bill. The author knew no one had really read the bill so she slapped on her own “scary” interpretation and wrote a “scary” essay. Then Rush and Drudge amplified it, and next thing you know, seniors are calling Congress worried they’re going to get screwed.

Let’s be smarter than that this time around. Please.

Health IT means putting your records online in a secure, safe manner (like banking) so that all your medical history can be taken into account when you go to a new doctor and so that there are less errors when you receive treatment or medication. Can you read your doctor’s handwriting? Me neither.

And comparative effectiveness means figuring out what works and what doesn’t so we stop spending time and money on treatments that don’t actually make you well and just drain you and the system of cash.

It’s that simple. Don’t let anyone make it more complicated – or scarier – than that.

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  1. Per an earlier post of yours:
    “Proposals within the economic stimulus bill to expand HIPAA privacy rule provisions would have unintended consequences that could impede progress in using health information technology, according to Karen Ignagni, president and CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans in Washington.
    The potential in the bill to require patient consent before use of any information would adversely affect disease management programs, result in incomplete medical records and impede emergency care, she added.

    Requiring covered entities to account for all disclosures of personal health information would discourage use of electronic health records systems because all disclosures of electronic data would have to be documented, Ignagni contended.

    Further, giving state attorneys general the authority to enforce the privacy rule “creates a 50-state approach to interpreting federal law,” she said.

    AHIP: Your health care is not really about you.”
    Apparently they aren’t REALLY against putting up the info — just against allowing patients to keep control of their own!

    Liars and hypocrites!

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