Same Old Strategy

Howard Dean weighs in on the right wing attacks on CER and how they are all about Republicans putting politics before people. Via HuffPo:

This claptrap is really about the far right laying the ground work for a far greater and more sustained attack on the Democrats’ attempt to fix our health care system. As we move forward with the American people to finally fulfill the promise of Harry Truman, who over sixty years ago suggested that every American ought to have a reasonable health care plan, we will rely on the voters to remind the right wing that change is what we promised, and change is what we will deliver.

Their opposition is about politics asure[sic] that the new administration and the Congress do not get a “win.”

When Richard and I made the rounds talking to reporters at the start of the campaign, he always mentioned how Newt and his colleagues set out to stop health care reform in the 90s because it would be detrimental to the Republican party. Not that it would be good or bad for the people they represented. It would be bad for the Republican party to have a Democratic President succeed.

Unfortunately, Newt won that fight. We didn’t get health care reform. And look where we are now.

So now would be an excellent time not to let that happen again.

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