Not So Subtle

Morning. Hi. Totally happy it’s Friday.

Got some HCAN news to report. We’ve debuted a TV ad that’s going to run for four days in Iowa starting tomorrow. While it doesn’t mention any particular Member of Congress by name, you can probably figure out the who and why behind the spot.

Need more? Here’s part of the press release:

First, Senator Grassley signed on to a letter to President Obama earlier this month arguing against giving everyone the choice of a public health insurance plan, and then he stood up during the White House Summit’s Q&A session and reiterated his opposition. Just after President Obama said, “Every idea must be considered. Every option must be on the table,” Senator Grassley spoke out against giving everyone the choice of a public health insurance plan, preferring to deny his constituents in Iowa an alternative to private health insurance companies’ greed and bad practices.

The new TV ad called “Iowa Health Care Choice” was shot and produced in Iowa and features Des Moines, IA registered nurse Teresa Cooley reminding Iowans that private health insurance companies have been in control for too long, making decisions that doctors, nurses, and patients should be making for themselves. Cooley asks fellow Iowans to contact their Members of Congress and tell them they want the choice of a public health insurance plan.

Teresa’s no actress. She’s a nurse. So while the spot may not be slick, it’s totally sincere. Take a look:

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