My accountant lives in NY so we always do my taxes by phone. The past couple of years, he’s run really behind schedule, and 9pm appointments have gotten pushed back to past 11pm.

This year, I figured I’d ask for a weekend afternoon spot so as not to risk having to get into the joy of taxes right before bed on a weeknight. My appointment was scheduled for 4pm today. I say was because my accountant’s not picking up the phone.

I say this every year, but I really do need a new accountant.

Update: Too annoying. No one called me back until 5:30pm. I was out, and when I got in and called back, I was told the next available appointment is Thursday night at 10pm (which means I won’t get to talk to the accountant until closer to 11pm). Even though I was here and on time, and even though the appointment had been booked for two weeks, the receptionist gave me attitude like it was my fault no one answered the phone when I called on time. Now it’s probably too late to get all my documents back and get them over to someone new, but I’m definitely done with this guy after Thursday.

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