Strep Aside

So it turns out I have been kind of sick after all. The doctor just called and said my strep test came back positive. I wish I’d known this four days ago because I’d be four days into meds by now and feeling a whole lot better. But he did do a rapid strep test that came back negative so you can’t blame him for assuming I’d just picked up a bug.

No biggie. So I lay low for a while. I can deal. But what’s frustrating about the whole mess is that had this doc not worked me in on short notice and been gracious enough to accommodate my work/travel schedule, who knows whom else I would have gotten sick? It’s not like I didn’t know I needed medical attention or wasn’t willing to see a doctor. It’s that there was no doctor to see.

Just one more reason why access to health care for everyone is so important.

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One thought on “Strep Aside”

  1. I think I may have caught it by reading this blog so often!

    Just Kidding, of course, but I am recovering from a severe throat infection too! Mine went to my lungs. So my doctor gave me an injection of anti-biotic.

    First it hurt all day, then meds improved it, but still it hurt part of the day, plenty of rest was mandatory. When it began to clear, residual weakness and soreness remained. Full recovery is a process.

    Wishing you the best and plenty of rest.

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