Cable (not) Ready

Morning. Internet’s down at my place so posting may be lighter than usual for the next couple of days. I say may b/c you all know by now I have trouble not finding a way to weigh in when inspiration (or aggravation) strikes.

Speaking of aggravation, have I mentioned how much I hate Comcast? I know. Me and the rest of the world. But when I called yesterday to say both my cable and Internet had crapped out and needed service, the man who barely spoke English (I’m not exaggerating. It’s true) assured me I need an appointment. He asked me a bunch of stock questions, but then either didn’t understand or didn’t listen to the answers and scheduled someone to come by later this week. He closed the call with the following:

Him: May I ask you a question?
Me: Yes
Him: Did you know you could say more money if you order our home phone service?
Me: Are you seriously trying upsell me on a service call? Seriously? Uncool.

Then the local Comcast office called me hours later saying there had been an outage in the neighborhood, and it should be all good now. They asked me to call back if not, but they failed to leave a call back number.

Since the cable is back on but the Internet connection’s still MIA, I tried to call this morning to suss it out. I’m going to have to hop on with a technician from home tonight and see if he can’t walk me through it.

Good times. Happy Monday.

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