I Love My Job

Our press release just went out calling on AHIP to stop the phony senior LTE scam:

The Eagle Tribune – a Massachusetts newspaper – has uncovered a health insurance industry scam designed to exploit senior citizens and protect industry profits. In his article entitled “Elderly used as front in letter-writing campaign,” Editorial Page Editor Ken Johnson details how he received several suspicious Letters to the Editor and then took a phone call from someone impersonating a senior’s grandson. Johnson pursued his gut instincts and uncovered an intentionally orchestrated fake grassroots campaign commissioned by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and carried out by primarily Democratic lobbying firm Dewey Square Group.

“The health insurance lobby says it’s all for health care reform this time around, and yet it’s already engaged in deceptive tactics – exploiting seniors, impersonating grandchildren, and hiring high profile consulting firms to do their dirty work,’ said Richard Kirsch, National Campaign Manager for Health Care for America Now. “Why would we expect anything less from an industry that’s beholden to Wall Street and that puts corporate profits before people’s health? How many other firms has AHIP hired? What other scams and scare tactics do they have up their sleeves?”

Read the whole thing online here.

UPDATE: Jason’s companion blog post is up here and here.

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