A trio of random thoughts for this gorgeous Friday:

1. Get a bell: If you’re a biker and you choose to frequent jogging paths, invest in a bell. I don’t mind your letting me know you’re coming up on my left with a discreet little ding. I do – however – really really mind your whizzing up behind me and screaming at the top of your lungs “ON YOUR LEFT!” (especially if I’m not wearing headphones). I’m already as far over as I can and am going to be. All you do is scare me to death and take my properly elevated heart rate and send it skyrocketing. Not cool.

2. Twitter isn’t news: I know it’s fun. I get it. I have it. But Note To CNN: Your Twitter contest – whatever that is – is not worthy of a Breaking News Alert in the middle of the night:


3. Take a Break: CVS needs to give their cashiers time out to eat. Either that, or they need to say something about the snacking while transacting. Seriously. Enough. The cashier eats. She halfheartedly wipes her fingers. And then she handles my purchases and my money and hands me back my change. I suspect it’s not sanitary. I know it’s gross. At one particular CVS, they all do it, but I’ve seen the counter-snackers at others too.

On a much more pleasant note, the ridiculously fabulous weather means happy hour outside this evening. That makes me happy.

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