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We launched last July, but some reporters are just now starting to pay attention:

Virginia Health Reform Campaign Begins

“We believe that everyone should have comprehensive benefits that meet their needs with the choice of keeping private insurance if they have it or joining a new public health insurance plan,” said Jacki Schechner, spokeswoman for Health Care for America Now, which is sponsoring a series of events across the nation this spring to connect people with their legislators.

“We can’t fix the economy without fixing health care,” Schechner said. “It’s bankrupting our families, it’s bankrupting our local governments and it’s bankrupting our businesses. We have to get this fiasco under control once and for all.”

Schechner says she sees the idea of a government health plan as competition for private health insurance and an opportunity to end the cost-shift that happens when people with no preventive care turn up in the emergency room for what began as a minor illness but went untreated because they couldn’t afford to see a doctor.

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