Sears came to fix my broken washer the other day, and even though the tech wasn’t supposed to dismantle the laundry closet, he had to in order to get the washer out. For those of you who don’t know, my apartment* is a little bit of an adventure in and of itself. It’s not at all surprising someone thought to build a closet around the washer and dryer (because those appliances never break).

Anyway, when the tech left, he put the closet back together incorrectly, and there was about an inch gap between the door and the wall. I’m not sure why he didn’t say anything before he took off (or why I didn’t notice), but this meant the closet no longer closed.

I – being the resourceful woman I pretend to be on occasion – decided to dig out my kind of girlish drill and get to work on fixing the door. I’d watched the tech take the frame apart so I assumed it wouldn’t be terribly tough to do it again and then put it back together properly.

Let’s just say the door closes now…barely…but I wouldn’t put money on the whole ensemble staying together for the long haul. It’s all a very delicate balance of screws and nails and strategically maneuvered framework. The good news is that it totally fits within the creative design scheme of my apartment which I lovingly refer to as Creaky Chic.

* It’s a rental.

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