FBI Calling

Literally. The FBI just called and said they had a message to call me. About what, I have no clue. The woman said she was from the Employment Verification Division so I can only guess someone I know is applying for a gig with the FBI. He/she would probably want to let me know that if I’m supposed to be a reference.

Makes me wonder whom the not-so-bright bulb on the tree could be.

It also reminds me of the time my American boyfriend came to visit me in London and got stopped by the cops at Heathrow who called me at 6am to ask what he was doing in the country and how long he was planning to stay. They peppered me with questions and then hung up the phone without explaining what was going on. Turns out the steroid trade was on the rise, and since my guy was a personal trainer and only staying a few days, they suspected he had ulterior motives.

He didn’t, and eventually, they let him go.

Coincidentally, after a lousy weekend together, so did I.

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