Off The Rails

We’re delayed in Philly this morning due to a water main break somewhere in Maryland. Looks like it might be this one. But travel snag aside and without getting into trade secrets and campaign details, I can say this trip has been very productive and successful.

I did have a couple of random thoughts this morning, and knowing how much you all appreciate my scattered ruminations, here goes:

1. I don’t think former presidential candidates (especially Republicans) from the 2008 election should be allowed to “grade” President Obama’s first 100 days in office. He won. People believed he could do a better job than anyone else. He is. You don’t get to judge him. Especially you, Rudy Giuliani. Let it go.

2. The news is chewing on itself with this swine flu story. The media blew it out of proportion. Now the news is reporting on doctors and pharmacists having to calm people down and reassure them that we’re not going to all spontaneously drop dead from the flu.

3. We should pay close attention to how many people are getting sick from the flu because it’s that contagious versus how many people are getting sick or sicker because they cannot afford to go see a doctor.

4. There IS such a thing as too many pillows. My bed at the hotel last night had twelve. Yes, I counted. Don’t ask.

Happy Wednesday.

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