Water Mains, Trains, and Automobiles

We just made it back to DC safely and relatively easily considering the circumstances. When we discovered Amtrak wasn’t letting trains travel south of Baltimore, we decided to re-rent a car and drive home from Philly. Yours truly chauffeured the crew back in record time. I’m totally bragging. The over under with soggy weather and rumors of traffic backups was four hours. I had us here in two.

In an unrelated anecdote, on the way to Philly yesterday, I got an email from one of our organizers that cracked me up. Here’s what he wrote:

Someone responded to a blast email we sent today saying that “if we adopt the Canadian system, some people will not receive good care or might even be euphemized.”

That’s a new one. Canadian health care forces people to be spoken of more delicately.

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