Itchy yet?

Sorry. I can’t get behind this. When you lie down with dogs…

Karen’s with AHIP – the health insurance lobby. Recognize the spin?

MarinCA asks: Do your organizations support a public plan option? Why or why not?

Karen_Ignagni: We proposed an aggressive series of market reforms to ensure that all Americans have coverage, no one falls through the cracks, and no one is discriminated against due to their health status.

Families USA does support a public plan option. We believe that this creates options for families; helps to create a benchmark for costs; and provides opportunities for securing important data that will help the overall health care system.

Karen_Ignagni: We have also proposed aggressive regulation, transparency requirements, and measures to ensure that patients are protected. If all of this is accomplished then the question is why is a government-run plan needed?

Why? Because you have had more than 15 years to make things better, and you’ve done nothing but make health care in this country more expensive and less accessible. Now all of a sudden you want us to let you be in charge of crafting reform? No thanks.

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