Discomfort Inn and Out

As much as I hate waiting around terminals for flights, everything about last night’s motel was so disconcerting that I opted to bolt as early as possible this morning and just kill time in the airport instead of spending one more second in that room. I was there less than 6 hours. It was plenty.

I may tell you where I am once I leave, but it’s safe to say I’m officially not a fan of this state and won’t be back anytime soon. They’ve got some issues here, not the least of which are a complete lack of useful highway and airport road signage and no working knowledge of the difference between left and right. Cleanliness also not a big priority, apparently.

Oh, and just for good measure, the following came out in a conversation about health care reform last night:

“There are like 5 million people here on Medicaid. If you get rid of Medicaid and make them all pay $1, that’s like $1 million.”

I’m happy to be heading home.

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