The Washington Post has a new blog tracking the health care debate, and Ceci Connolly wrote a great post about our latest ad:

New Health Reform Ad Touts ‘Public Option’
By Ceci Connolly

Worried about your health care being rationed? It already is, says a group of liberal doctors.

The National Physicians Alliance, together with the pro-health-reform umbrella group Health Care for America Now, is spending $200,000 to air television ads in six states where Democratic senators have yet to endorse the idea of creating a government-sponsored health program to compete with private sector insurance.

The so-called “public option” has become an early tension point in the debate over how to remake America’s health system. Opponents — many of them in the health industry — argue that a government-administered insurance program would lead to a single payer system, complete with tight restrictions on access to care.

“Opponents of reform can try to scare the public with threats of rationing and denied care,” says Valerie Arkoosh, the Philadelphia doctor appearing in the 30-second spots. “But we as physicians see health insurance companies rationing and denying care in practice every day.”

In the ad, Dr. Arkoosh touts the public plan as good benefits at an affordable price, “so we’re no longer at the mercy of insurance companies.”

To see the commercial: http://www.healthcareforamericanow.org/doctor.

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