Speaking of Lying

Rick Scott’s claiming Comcast pulled our ad. Yeah. Not so much.

From Comcast:

To clarify – Comcast has not pulled any ads produced by HCAN off our systems. The media buy for the ad in question expired on May 13. Comcast has asked HCAN to include a clarification in future versions of the ad.

From us (HCAN):

Rick Scott’s lawyers fought hard to have the ad taken down to no avail. Nothing was pulled. The ‘Shady’ Rick Scott ad was scheduled to run for one week, and that ad buy ended Wednesday May 13th as planned.

This ad is clearly hitting a nerve. We expect to run it again, and when we do, we will include Comcast’s suggested clarification.

Comcast has asked HCAN to add the HCA logo to a section of the ad to clarify a point regarding HCA’s having to pay the largest health care fraud settlement in history for overbilling Medicare, kickbacks, and falsified procedures.

Here’s Jason at HuffPo on the story.

In case you missed it, here’s the ad:

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