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In my former life as a TV peep, ratings were king. Not for me. I didn’t care. But for the men and women (and they were mostly men) above my pay grade. Ratings are truly all TV executives care about. It’s why the news covers what it covers. The networks chase each other to get the most viewership because more viewers means more advertising dollars. And within that frame, the coveted demographic is 25-54 yr olds. They’re the ones who spend the most money.

Take a look at what the spenders are watching. The numbers (courtesy of mediabistro) are for Tuesday the 26th:

Speaking of advertising, and this JUST happened once again so forgive me for venting, but when our website says we don’t respond to solicitations for advertising…we don’t. Don’t call me and say, “I know you say you don’t respond to solicitations, but…” There is no but. The note is not a formality. I had it put there to stop you from bugging me. It could not be more clear. You’re not the one exception, and thinking you are will get you the full wrath of my frustration. You’ve been warned.

UPDATE: I just got a second advertising solicitation in the time it’s taken me to finalize this post. This one was sneaky. The business guy tried to frame a meeting around a reporter’s faux editorial interest. Really shady. Also, totally ineffective. I’m still not interested, and it’s still not going to happen.

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