Guess Who Guessed Right

Yup. Glenn Beck spent about six minutes with some boob named Ryan Ellis who fabricated information about HCAN, its goals, its plans, its intentions, its membership, etc. Really, there was nothing in the segment that even remotely resembled the truth. It’s frightening that people watch this crap and assume it’s real news.

Anyway, I have some news for Ryan Ellis. Health Care for America Now supports letting you keep the current insurance you have now or joining a new public health insurance option if you should so choose. The key here: choice. The choice is right there in our principles – the principles members sign to be a part of the campaign.

It wouldn’t have hurt for Ellis or Beck or some producer on the circus Beck passes off as news to do a little research before using the airwaves to attack a campaign that could not be more transparent about why it exists.

Oh, and if Ellis is so worried that the government wants to tell him what to eat for breakfast, I’ll save him the trouble of having to wait for that day and make the obvious suggestion: Less bacon and eggs, Ryan. More fruit and yogurt. It’ll make you slimmer for TV and possibly less inclined to want to lie your ass off.

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